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Quilters Home
Quilters Home Magazine, April-May 2009
Rated #1
Ten popular scissors were tested and Kai was rated the best. All scissors were tested for sharpness,balance,hand fatigue and weight while cutting multiple layers of cotton fabrics.

Sandra Betzina

Sandra Betzina, Nationally recognized professional sewing instructor
I feature the Kai Scissors in my instructional videos and Powersewing seminar workshops. Kai Scissors are great on all fabrics, the 7000 series professional shears have exceptional balance and superior cutting capability. Visit her website:

View a video testimonial from Sandra Betzina.


Chloe Dao

Chloe Dao, Project Runway Season 2 Winner 
I really love the Kai Professional Series Scissors. We cut a variety of fabrics in my design studio and Kai gives us an awesome,smooth cut. I am a big fan, they are comfortable and lightweight.  Visit her web site:

View a video testimonial from Chloe Dao.


Gretchen Hirsch

Gretchen Hirsch, New York
Gertie combines a love of all things retro with a passion for garment construction and fine hand sewing. Gretchen's favorite subject is intricate sewing that involves feats of engineering: tailoring, corsetry and dresses with complex under-structures.

The Kai Scissors are a great addition to my sewing needs.Visit her web site:


Angela Wolf
Angela Wolf, Benton Harbor, MI
KAI Scissors are absolutely my favorite the best scissors I have ever owned! As a custom clothier, and winner of the 2008 "Pashion for Fashion Challenge" at the American Sewing Expo, I have used the same pair of KAI Scissors for the past three years and they are just as sharp today as the day I received they. Lightweight, very comfortable grip and sharp!

Laura Wasilowski
Laura Wasilowski - Artfabrik
The sharp blades of Kai are wonderful for hand dyed fabrics and threads. Please visit her web page at

Threads Magazine
Threads magazine, November 1999
Sewing experts compared and tested the most popular sewing scissors on the market including Kai,Ginger, Fiskars and Mundial. Kai received excellent reviews from several experts. 
Threads Magazine

Katrina Walker
Katrina Walker, Designer
As a designer and educator in the home sewing industry, I work primarliy with silk and wool fabrics. The Kai scissors are razor-sharp and stand up to heavy use, and best of all they feel great in my hand. I tell all of my students that Kai scissors are the best fabric scissors available.  Visit her website:

RaNae Merrill
RaNae Merrill, New York 
As a quilt designer, author, and teacher, I have found the Kai scissors to be a wonderful addition to my quilting experience.  I recommend Kai scissors to all my students when teaching.  Visit her web site:
Kelly Chaffin
Kelly Chaffin
In fashion design, I only cut with my Kai Scissors. They guarantee a precise, smooth cut which is important when working with silk, charmeuse, and organza. In my fashion design class, I'm known as "the girl with the really good scissors" and at least once a week someone it asking to use my Kai Scissors.

Tory Lowitz
Tory J. Lowitz, Technical Design Professional
Kai scissors are the only scissors I use for personal and professional use. Kai products are engineered with exceptional precision using the best materials found in modern cutting technology.
Terri Horton
Terri Horton, Puget Sound Draperies
I specialize in creating custom, award-winning draperies, bedding, and pillows. I love using Kai Scissors. With over 20 years of experience in the sewing and drapery business, I have found nothing cuts better than Kai Scissors.

Judy Kessinger

Judy Kessinger - Fitnice TV
Judy is a sewing professional that talks about tips, tricks and simple solutions to make your sewing easier.
She loves using our Kai Scissors and features several sizes in her tutorial videos.
Please visit:


John Hartenburg
John Hartenburg - Knot & Rope Supply - Perrysburg, OH
We use Kai Scissors exclusively here at our shop.  Our splicers have to cut the toughest fibers such as Kevlar, Dyneema, and Technora on a daily basis and nothing even comes close to cutting as well as Kai Scissors.  These are absolutely the best scissors we have ever found.  Please visit their website:

Becky Fulgoni
Becky Fulgoni, Kalamazoo, MI
I work with silks, sheers and felted wool. KAI Scissors are a terrific product and I own every size.  Doing business with a company you can trust is very reassuring these days!
Maggie Backman, Owner - Things Japanese
Maggie Backman
Maggie Backman, Owner - Things Japanese
Maggie specializes in silk fabrics and tells everyone about the KAI scissors.  These scissors give me a perfect cut every time and the silk fabrics never slip using the KAI scissors.  Please visit her web page at 

Sharon Baker
Sharon Baker, Quilting Professional, Puyallup, WA
Kai Scissors are absolutely the best fabric/craft scissors on the market.  I love the comfort grip handles and balances of the scissors.  They are sharp all the way to the point.  I used Kai Scissors when I made the samples for my quilting books “Fabulous Flowers” (Martingale October 2005) and the results were fabulous.

Lisa Shaw
Lisa Shaw, Embroidery Design Specialist., Elbert, Colorado
Kai scissors are my favorite, my first choice when it comes to clipping the jump stitches in my embroidery stitch outs.  I never have to worry about the blades not being sharp enough to make a clean cut. Kai scissors are so smooth and easy to use, they are dreamy. Thanks for making such a wonderful product for those of us who expect perfection.

Jessica McMahon
Jessica McMahon 
I have been a designer for years and KAI Scissors are the best I have ever owned. I sew with a lot of different fabrics and KAI scissors are smooth and stay sharp for a long time. I recommend KAI scissors to everyone I know. Visit her website:
Carla Peery - Silk Fabric Specialist.
Carla Peery
Carla Peery - Silk Fabric Specialist
Kai scissors cut beautifully on silk fabrics. The sharp blades and comfortable grips makes these the best fabric scissors I have ever used.

Kathy McGee
Kathy McGee - Hemma Design Patterns
I work with a wide variety of fabrics including quilting-weight cotton, oilcloth, heavyweight wools, and I love my Kai scissors. No matter what I'm cutting, whether it's large pieces or delicate detail work, it's like cutting through butter! Visit her website:
Laura Wiltse, Eagle River, Alaska
Laura Wiltse
Laura Wiltse, Eagle River, AK
I have purchased more than 10 pair of Kai scissors for myself and my friends.  Kai sicssors are awesome and recommend them all the time.
Jim Peterson, Sales Manager,
Jim Peterson
Jim Peterson, Sales Manager,
Our goal is to offer the sharpest and smoothest fabric scissors on the market. We hand balance and hand polish the blades which give the black handles Kai scissors superior cutting action over other brands.  The combination of the comfortable handle grips, lightweight balance and superior sharpness are features that customers love about Kai scissors.  Shear Precision scissor company takes pride in the distribution of KAI scissors. 
Threads Magazine: © 1999 the Taunton Press Inc.
              Reprinted with permission from the Threads magazine Web site which first appeared in issue 85 from Threads Magazine.
Quilters Home Magazine April-May 2009 edition reprinted with permission from Creative Crafts Group.


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